Artists's albums from top left to bottom right: SHAD, EZA, Francis and the Lights, RY-LO

Artists's albums from top left to bottom right: SHAD, EZA, Francis and the Lights, RY-LO

Rachel Loewen's Inaugural Playlist: June 2017

Heyyyy youuu guyyys,

Many of you probably didn't know I'm a music lover. But I was known for making personal mix-tapes and CDs for friends and family in high school and college. Much of my work tips went to new CDs I'd been pining over or tickets to shows in Cincinnati or Columbus.

I loved watching and discovering music videos on VH1 and MTV (in the early and late hours, of course) and scouring magazines like Rolling Stone and Paste Magazine for the good stuff. 

I grew up with my parents loving music, too. My brothers, sister, and I heard all kinds – in the car or turned up on the home stereo during chores – but mostly soul and rock 'n' roll: From the Beatles to Led Zeppelin; Annie Lennox to Aerosmith. We listened to The Police, Sly & the Family Stone, James Taylor, Michael & Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey (her old stuff, of course). I've many a memory singing along to Pink Floyd, Queen, Eric Clapton, the Police, and Stevie Wonder.

While their music stands the test of time and holds deep meaning for me, my taste has also evolved. I've also gotten away from sharing playlists, even though it always brought me great joy to curate them – for myself and for others. I asked you if you'd listen if I made them, and many of you said yes.

So here's my disclaimer: I enjoy a little bit of [almost] everything. Though you won't find me sharing any hardcore, ska, classical, or punk here. #sorrynotsorry. You will, however, find a healthy dose of fusion music that's a bit difficult to describe. But don't fear! You'll find some hip hop and blues. Many of my faves these days are falling into the electronic pop, indie folk, and "singer-songwriter" categories. 

So here it is - my inaugural playlist, aptly titled June 2017. 

I hope you enjoy. :)
- Rachel