To more Vitamin D and good music.

March 2018 Playlist

Oh, hey, March! While we're anticipating Spring weather, I've actually enjoyed this winter. Gasp. I know. Rachel Loewen loving winter? Well, Chicago was blessed with a lot of pretty white snow that was here long enough to frolic in and photograph. And it [mostly] melted just before the streets really dirtied it up. Praises.

On another note, music. This playlist brings you new goodness from the likes of Typhoon and Wye OakFrank Ocean dropped a gorgeous cover of "Moon River" that has been on repeat around here. Francesca Blanchard and the ladies of Moonrise Nation (I keep wanting to say "Moonrise Kingdom.") are work-stopping worthy of your attention. And Nathaniel Rateliff's "Early Spring Till" is only appropriate and one satisfying slow-burner.

I hope you find some faves in this one.

Grace & Peace,


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