This design was a riff off April's and an ode to Chicago's movement into May.

May 2018 Playlist

May is turning out to be a month of renewal and reconciliation. A release, after a long season of preparation, of planting, of staying put. Movement.

Madi Diaz is an artist I keep coming back to. Ironically, her song "Tomorrow" from her 2014 album Phantom never gets old. It feels appropriate though - like Spring's giving winter a wake-up call sayin', "Onward."

And I move you into Reuben and the Dark's sonically lush "Arms of A Dream." It was the first song I added to this mix. This song feels like a reckoning. 

If you are lost
If you are tired
If you are gone
Then so am I

But if you are loved
and if you are kind
If you here
and so am I
In the arms
of a dream

You're coming back to me

Sera Cahoone's "Better Woman" found me mid-way through April. I told my beau A that it's artists like her I can have playing all day long. Her ooh'ing at 1:40 is the stuff that keeps her on repeat.

Ben Howard, Lykke Li, Leon Bridges, and Kimbra all reappear on this mix with new songs I'm still savoring - still discovering. 

The Wealthy West's "Silence" was a lucky stumble upon. 

If silence is golden
Then I'll take second place
'Cause I don't wanna meet my Maker
with a smile upon my face
and say, "Hey, do you remember
when I lived so silently?"
And you'll say, "Nah, man.
I don't

The entire song is a send-off to you:

I wanna wake up
to find
some kindness
I wanna wake up
to find
a little bit braver
than I was
when I fell asleep
last night
in silence

I wanna tell all of my friends
that I love 'em
I wanna speak out
for those
who can't
I wanna ask you for some
'cause I been livin'
in silence. 


To that,


I love everything about this. Her song at the end gives me full-body chills. 

Watch Zach Williams' (the right) face. I cried.

I love this version of Noah's "The Sound." He is always at his best to me at his rawest and live. The three-part harmony at 6:15 and 6:44 is stunning. 

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