Artists's from top left to bottom right: Nadia Reid, Rosi Golan, Old Sea Brigade & Oliver Tank

November 2017 Playlist

I know. It's early December, and I'm sharing my November playlist. But alas, life happens. And – as I've mentioned before with my previous mixes – I like to share what I listened to during the month. This list can serve as your palate cleanser amidst the Holiday cheer. ;)

Ok, here's the [Not So] Holiday rundown:

Spotify has been including Nadia Reid's music throughout my "discover weekly" station, and her killer song "Runway" stopped me in my tracks. 

Rosi Golan. Oh my gosh. I was browsing through albums the other day and saw Rosi's "Collecting Bullets" among them. I began listening to her music in the early 2000s when she was pure folk "singer-songwriter." Folk, like, I had her cover of Gillian Welch's "Look At Miss Ohio" with Jake Phillips on repeat. But this new music of Rosi's is restless, pulsing, and synth so good

Let's talk about The Killers. When my ears met "Some Kind of Love," I thought, "YES." Because, one - I've never loved The Killer's tunes enough to share them, let alone, talk about them. And two - there is wisdom, reverence, and a layered richness to this song I cannot deny. I hope it gives you chills like it does for me.

You got the grace of a storm
in the desert

Kristene DiMarco. Her song "Hope Is Alive" found me via her short documentary Ever Before Me, which resonates on more levels than I can describe here (for now). I highly recommend the 25 minutes of your time. As we enter into the Advent season, I wanted to include her song, aptly titled "Where His Light Was." It succinctly reminds us what it's all about. 

There’s no power
this world has to offer
No recognition
this world has to give
That I would not trade for
the arms of my Savior
This is no ordinary man
that carries us up our mountains

Sufjan. To me, it's not truly a merry holiday season without some of Sufjan's tunes playing in the background. "The Greatest Gift" found me while I was adjusting the lights on my parents' Christmas Tree, while sipping a glass of Chardonnay. 

As you abide
in peace
So will your delight

I couldn't end this list without at least one Christmas song. Andrew Belle's rendition of the classic "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" still gives me goosebumps. Admittedly – and as music so often does – I never really noticed the lyrics until he slowed it down an emphasized, 

Through the years,
we all
will be
if the Lord allows.
Hang a shining star
the highest bow.
And have
a Merry Little Christmas.
Have yourself
a Merry Little Christmas.
Have yourself
a Merry Little Christmas

May your hearts be light this Holiday Season.

Grace & Peace,

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