Artists's from top left to bottom right: John Mark McMillan, GEMS, The National, & Hundred Waters

october 2017 Playlist

Oh, October. Who doesn't love it?

I didn't intend to release this mix on Halloween, but ya know, the first few songs are fitting.

As all of my mixes go, I like to share what I listened to during the month. 

In true fashion, I open out the gate and close her down in repose.

John Mark McMillan's stripped down "Monsters Talk" featuring Bear Rinehart found me while I was editing away one afternoon. (I love when that happens because I'm not seeking.) I've enjoyed the original, but Bear adds new dimension to these words:

"Weep like willows. Break like waves. We are, fragile creatures on collision with our Judgement Day." 

I wasn't going to include The National again, simply because I've featured them a lot. But I can't deny it. They slay. 

Hundred Waters "Blanket Me" is in.credible. If you appreciate a build and special vocals... this song is true mastery! Just turn this one up and close your eyes.

Taelor Gray's "Most High" came from our friend Andrew Finley. My husband and I were visiting him and his wife Kat early on in the month. They're dear to us, and we listened to this while sitting around a fire. Taelor raps,

"The only time I flourish is when I need Him every hour
Never thought you'd catch me singin' in the choir
But you just set this man on fire, right, right
You just set this man on fire"

Chicago native Jamila Woods' "LSD" (featuring Chance) found me via Vocalo while I was actually driving down Lake Shore Drive. Riding LSD is special because millions of us have spent many a mile on it either commuting or coasting during the early or late hours. It's a few mile reprieve next to that turquoise body of water with a stunning view of the skyline in front of you. I sometimes wonder if I'd still be in this city if I didn't have Lake Michigan as my backyard to recalibrate me. So when Jamila sings, "The water always saves me," I nod in affirmation.

I take you way back to the early 2000s with Tori Amos' sort of odd man out on this list: "A Sorta Fairytale." It found me again while my husband Andrew and I were adventuring in California, and it still satisfies. If you listen through the entire thing, you're in for a really beautiful ride. 

"Bathed in Sunlight," "Gold," and "Coming Down" all found me while we were retreating in a bungalow in Joshua Tree. It seems right.

This Will Destroy You released this newbie "Kitchen," and it's a gorgeous closer. But I had to wrap this list up with Moby's magnificent song featured on Stranger Things. This song comes from the ending of the first season, and it actually had me in tears.

Happy Halloween, friends,

P.S. I feature a song from Madi Diaz's new EP (which I had on repeat our entire time in Palm Springs) above, and it caused me to get a dose of her live performances. She's one favorite I haven't been able to catch live. Until then, we have these beauts below. 

I have to share this groovy one from Madi as well via SerialBox Presents (which I love, often return to, and wish would come back). I can't find this tune anywhere but there. You're welcome. 

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