Artists's from top left to bottom right: Tora, Cat Power, Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone

September 2017 Playlist

September, sweet, September. My goodness, has it become one of my favorite months. It causes me to savor the last of summer and its warmth as it gives way to the cool, cozy, and calm of our beloved Autumn. 

Every playlist I create is a mix of oldies (to me) and new discoveries. The other night I was asked, "What kind of music do you listen to?" And I found myself rather tongue-tied. It sometimes feels impossible to describe because I stumble upon music through a variety of ways and am moved by so much. And how appropriate, "Too Much" by Tora is the lead track in this mix. Let's begin there, shall we? You'll find some familiars from my previous mixes like an EZA collab, more new Andrew Belle, and ODESZA, but I'd probably label this fall fest more reverent and reflective. Naturally.

Daughter dropped a new album, and their "A Hole In The Earth" surprised me. Fair warning: I almost skipped the track with its nearly annoying (doldrummy?) first couple minutes. Stick with it because at 2:28, front-woman Elena swiftly changes to a very satisfying and gorgeous guitar'd plea: "Friend, make sense of me. Friend." I don't know about you, but the desire to be told you are ok, known, and loved just as you are is something I often long to hear.

In this list, you'll find a new one from bro-sis duo Angus & Julia Stone ("Indie-Hop"? Yes, please.). I've included "Dogs Days Are Over" because I'm running the Chicago Marathon next Sunday, and that song was on repeat for me from miles 23-26.2 in 2012. :D You'll find David Ramirez (sing out your passionate folk-hearted frustration) followed by a french song from Feist. Kesha. "Praying" blew me away. I had no idea she could sing like that. Some are calling it a come-back, she is calling it empathy, and I'm over here crying. Fink released another bluesy moody ballad called, "Not Everything Is Better In The Past" and describes it as, "pensive sure, but optimistic and strong." And finally, I close this babe out with a shimmering beaut by Explosions In The Sky from this amazing film based on a true story.  

Ok, I wrote a lot more than I anticipated. We could talk music ALL DAY. If ya take a liking to any of these, or if you have a song you think I'd like to feature on my October playlist, holla atcha girl. Or email me.

To music and transitions,

P.S. Lil Chano from 79th debuted a new song on Colbert this week that has me shaking my head, grinning because he gets it. 

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