Sarah Seven Gown Release: The Luxurious Life of Abigail Sterling

In mid-November, I was given the opportunity to photograph a few new gowns for wedding dress designer Sarah Seven's new collection The Luxurious Life of Abigail Sterling

My own wedding dress (a two-piecer) was by Sarah Seven, and I've always appreciated her aesthetic. So it was a no-brainer. 

I enlisted some of the best to help me with this shoot:

Hair: Devin Sutter
Venue: Room 1520 (my wedding reception was also here. :))
Model: Meredith Overmyer

We were able to use three of our first-pick gowns. You'll see modern lines, sexy silhouettes, and layered lace. My vision for the shoot was to keep it simple and let the gowns, light, and space do the talking. I'm grateful for the opportunity to collaborate in this way and to revisit a special venue that continues to inspire me. Meredith was a natural, and well, you can have a look for yourself. 

Rachel LoewenComment