An Autumnal Styled Gathering in Chicago

In September of 2017, the briskness of fall was fast-approaching, and I really wanted to make the most of our outdoor time. So my friend Devin Sutter and I decided to call some of our favorite people and see if they'd like to attend a small last-minute gathering. As luck would have it, they were all available. 

One of my and Devin's favorite things to do is to create a beautiful experience for people – we prioritize community and ambiance. And that almost always involves flowers, food, and most likely, a libation. For this one, we went with an autumnal-inspired warm Apple Cider Old Fashioned

I styled the table with flowers and Willow leaves, votives, and long linen cloth. The porch plants and twinkle lights were already there, thanks to our wonderful neighbors, and golden hour graced us with her presence. 

We went around the table and shared about life transitions and changes we see in ourselves. This group of people is special – intentional, wonderful listeners, insightful, faithful, perceptive and intelligent... I could go on. This gathering could have been planned way out, but I was reminded to ask on the fly and roll with it. The point is there's magic in the spontaneous. Do more of what gives you life, and invite folks in.