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Missio Dei Chicago's All-Family Gathering

My church family is Missio Dei Wrigleyville. They have multiple congregations throughout the city, but Wrigleyville hosted its 10-year celebration October 12, 2018 called the All-Family Gathering.

A dear friend and mentor of mine Melissa Pillman asked me to design some floral arrangements for it, and I was thrilled. I loved this color palette, the texture, and shape of these pieces. It was a ton a fun, and such a honor to decorate a place that has become so integral to my own life and relationships.

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An Autumnal Styled Gathering in Chicago

In September of 2017, the briskness of fall was fast-approaching, and I really wanted to make the most of our outdoor time. So my friend Devin Sutter and I decided to call some of our favorite people and see if they'd like to attend a small last-minute gathering. As luck would have it, they were all available. 

One of my and Devin's favorite things to do is to create a beautiful experience for people – we prioritize community and ambiance. And that almost always involves flowers, food, and most likely, a libation. For this one, we went with an autumnal-inspired warm Apple Cider Old Fashioned

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