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Missio Dei Chicago's All-Family Gathering

My church family is Missio Dei Wrigleyville. They have multiple congregations throughout the city, but Wrigleyville hosted its 10-year celebration October 12, 2018 called the All-Family Gathering.

A dear friend and mentor of mine Melissa Pillman asked me to design some floral arrangements for it, and I was thrilled. I loved this color palette, the texture, and shape of these pieces. It was a ton a fun, and such a honor to decorate a place that has become so integral to my own life and relationships.

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Botanical Installation & Photography for AOKI's Inaugural Fundraiser: SEEN / UNSEEN

On September 30, 2018, Chicago’s non-profit arts organization AOKI hosted it’s inaugural fundraiser event SEEN / UNSEEN at The Frances Chicago.

AOKI’s Founder and Executive Director Aiyana Taylor invited me and my friend Alicia to be among the artists showcasing their work. There were painters, a textile artist, a ceramicist, a musician, a spoken word artist a chef, a baker, a dancer, and we were asked to create a “botanical installation.”

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Florals, Photography, & Film for Carrie & Dan's Backyard Wedding

Carrie and Dan’s September wedding was for the books. Not only did I photograph this wedding, I also did their floral design, and my husband Andrew did their videography.

From Carrie’s shimmering champagne gown #1 (she had an evening one, too!) to their Pampas Grass installations, their family’s backyard wedding was uniquely theirs.

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An Urban Elegant Bridal Shoot

In collaboration with fellow photographer Chloé Sheldon, we present an elegant, urban bridal shoot. You'll find minimalist gowns with modern silhouette; leafy-creamy florals; sophisticated styled dos, mouth-watering vanilla cake with earl-grey frosting and strawberry filling, and a Chicago loft space as the backdrop.

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