Florals, Photography, & Film for Carrie & Dan's Backyard Wedding

Carrie and Dan’s September wedding was for the books. Not only did I photograph this wedding, I also did their floral design, and my husband Andrew did their videography.

We hired the lovely Chloé Sheldon of Sheldon Collective to support us in photography and with the floral labor, and there was a handful of wonderful friends / guests who lovingly pitched in to bring Carrie and Dan’s vision to life. Thank you Alicia Kiewitt and Meredith Robledo!

I’ve said and written it before, and it bears repeating: no man is an island. Also #teamworkmakesthedreamwork. Anyone who tells you differently is lying.

Veteran Acres Park in Cyrstal Lake, Illinois

Veteran Acres Park in Cyrstal Lake, Illinois

This backyard wedding required all hands on deck, and it was one of the biggest thrills to see it come to life.

Carrie, Dan, and I worked closely in curating their palette of creams, grays, deep purples, pinks, and gold. From Carrie’s shimmering champagne gown #1 (she had an evening one, too!) to their Pampas Grass installations, their family’s backyard wedding was uniquely theirs.

I’m so proud of the beauty we made and captured. I’m, more so, honored to have been a part of such a meaningful wedding. The day’s love swelled and culminated in one of the most epic dance parties we’ve ever been a part of.